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Your Ticket Back to Humanity

It started with a simple insight: “When did it become okay to text Mom Happy Birthday?”

This question challenged us to think about the way people communicate in today’s digital age. Digital tools help us share and get news faster than ever before and have helped bring people together across the globe. Skype has always stood for connecting people in a meaningful way. That is, fostering quality conversations between people each and every day, even when they are apart.

With Skype you can share a story, celebrate a birthday, hold a meeting, work collaboratively on a presentation or homework assignment – just about anything that allows for daily interaction between you and your world.

This insight led to “It’s time for Skype,” an integrated marketing campaign designed to get the world thinking about, talking about and ultimately engaging with everything Skype has to offer. That includes video chat, group video chat, screen sharing, instant messaging, unlimited calling, mobile calling and more.

We kicked off the campaign in London on Monday, April 2nd, by placing bold messages all around and even underneath the city. Media placements included a takeover in one of London’s busiest Tube stations, billboards along some of its most trafficked roadways, in and around Heathrow Airport, and messaging at bus stops and on buses throughout the city.

Canary Towers_Night 1 (for blog).jpg Bank16_HB (for blog).jpg

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of the core of the campaign, a large digital media push that includes innovative ads which have been created to focus on specific Skype features. These will be displayed on hundreds of highly trafficked sites. In addition, through three short online videos to be featured across some of the top online publishers’ sites, we have captured the “humanity” we are challenging you to embrace.

We encourage everyone to visit, where you will be greeted with the message: “Welcome Back to Humanity.” The landing experience lets you explore Skype with family, friends, and colleagues using Facebook Connect or via fully interactive product demos designed to recreate a typical day in the life of the average Skype user.

With Skype, the everyday benefits are endless. We are excited about helping you stay human well into the future…welcome back to humanity.

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