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Skype Earth Day Panel

For over forty years, Earth Day has brought together people from all walks of life with the unifying goal of taking better care of our planet. In celebration of Earth Day this year, Skype has brought together four panelists from across the country to share their insights on the issues facing our planet today.

We connected these environmentalists, entrepreneurs, authors, and eco-enthusiasts on a group video call to give their take on the state of our environment, describe the positive changes they would like to see in the future, and to give some advice as to the best ways people can support the cause. Representing various facets of the ‘green’ movement, from the household to the workplace, they offer a diverse range of perspectives, and shed some light on one of the world’s most important topics.

Panelists include Andy Rossmeissl of Brighter Planet, Shawna Coronado of The Casual Gardener Stephanie Moram of Good Girl Gone Green, and Priscilla Woolworth.

You can also follow the panelists on Twitter: Priscilla Woolworth, Brighter Planet, Shawna Coronado, Stephanie Moram.

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