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Say 'You rock' with Say it with Skype

Do you have a friend who deserves to be told they are awesome? With Say it with Skype, you can send them a message to say ‘you rock’.

Say it with Skype is a video greeting app that lets you send a range of fun and meaningful video messages to friends and family. ‘You rock’ is the latest kind of message to be added to the app, giving you a choice of three awesome bands to deliver it.

Just choose the band that best suits your awesome friend or family member and go say ‘you rock’ today.

Jett Black
Want to deliver your rockin’ message glam-rock style? Jett Black are the guys to do it.

It will be a message like nothing you’ve sent before. Turning it all the way up to 11, Jett Black will rock the socks off whoever you decide to send this to. For a taste of what to expect, check this video out:

The Cut Outs
Owing to their no-nonsense style, girl band The Cut Outs are an ideal group to deliver this rockin’ message.

As you’ll see in the video below, these are ladies you wouldn’t mess with. If you have a friend who might dig their feisty style, send them a ‘You rock’ message today.

The Ocean Between Us
The Ocean Between Us are definitely a group to send to one of your more ‘hardcore’ buddies. The metalcore rockers are not one for the faint hearted, listen for yourself if you don’t believe us:

So now you’ve seen our choice of awesome bands it’s up to you to deliver the message, and you can even join in with the band. To find out more, go Say it with Skype.

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