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Celebrating International Guitar Month with Denison Witmer… and Skype

April is International Guitar Month – and to celebrate, we found out how Philadelphia-based musician Denison Witmer uses Skype to share his music with his fans and balance his work and family life. Just read on to find out more…

For many musicians, the only way to truly stay in touch with their fans is to get out on the road and perform their material live. But, when Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Denison Witmer turned down a European tour in order to be with his wife when their son was born, he found an innovative way of using Skype to make sure that he could reward his fans with live performances, without having to sacrifice precious family time.

In order to continue performing and make sure that he kept his voice and acoustic guitar playing fresh, Denison came up with the ingenious idea of offering fans the chance to enjoy a personalized one-song session – via Skype video call.

Denison Witmer.jpg

Denison was already familiar with the benefits of Skype, as he had previously used it on both his iPhone and computer so he could keep in touch with his family when he couldn’t be with them, particularly when he was on the road in Europe.

Realizing that he could just as easily use Skype to keep in touch with his fans while he spent time with his wife and son, he launched a service where, for just $25, he would perform an intimate one-song gig with a paying-fan getting to pick the track they most wanted to hear.

And, as Denison has released nine albums, including this year’s ‘The Ones Who Wait,’ there are plenty of tracks for fans to choose from.

Since launching the service, he has performed around 30 Skype concerts to fans across the U.S. and as far away as South Korea – all from the comfort of his Pennsylvania home or studio.

The Skype concert experience

For Denison’s fans, the Skype concerts provide a rare chance to enjoy a personalized, face-to-face, intimate performance by their favorite musician – something that most musicians’ fans can only dream of experiencing.

Whether they choose to invite their friends around to listen too, watch the performance in their living room in their PJs or – as one fan did – enjoy Denison’s music at a candle-lit birthday dinner on a beach, they’re sure to have an experience that they’ll remember forever.

But it’s not just the fans who have gained from the Skype concert experience. Denison says he’s discovered some key differences between Skype concerts and traditional gigs too: “The Skype concerts are a totally different and dynamic experience. They give me an opportunity to talk with my fans face-to-face before or after I perform a song, as well as show me my fans’ real time reaction to the performance.”

To find out more about Denison Witmer, visit his official website. You can buy downloadable versions of two albums of material from his ‘Live in Your Living Room’ sessions via his site, as well as his latest album, ‘The Ones Who Wait,’ and book your very own Denison Witmer Skype concert.

Have you enjoyed a Denison Witmer Skype concert? What did you like about it? Which artists would you like to see offering Skype video call concerts? Are you a musician planning to offer Skype concerts? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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