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Skype 5.9 for Windows

We have just released a new version of Skype for Windows, which is a small update that incorporates the following improvements:

  • A new confirmation message when sending a contact to a group conversation
  • A new Hotkey for taking snapshots during video calls
  • Improved non-standard international phone number recognition for Australian users
  • The ability to opt-out from silent updates

Start downloading Skype 5.9 for Windows now and let us know what you think on our Support Network. Or in case you notice any issues, then please report them to our public issue tracker.

More details on the improvements:

  • Added a confirmation message when sending a contact to a group conversation

We have introduced a confirmation message when a user tries to drag and drop a contact into a group conversation.

  • Hotkey for taking snapshots during video calls

Based on user requests, we have introduced a hotkey to make an instant snapshot of a video call in progress. You can define your own hotkey in the advanced options panel (Tools>Options>Advanced>Hotkeys).

  • Improved non-standard international phone number recognition for Australian users

Australian users can now more easily make international calls by using 0011 as an international prefix in Australia.

  • Ability to opt-out from silent updates

While we highly recommended keeping automatic updates turned on, there are some client environments where it’s not an option. For these clients, we have introduced an option to disable the automatic updating of Skype. If you have disabled automatic updates, you will still see upgrade notifications and requests to upgrade to the latest Skype client.

Skype for Windows has following issues resolved from previous release:

Category Description
Screen sharing Red contours shared window had defects when moving the window around
Screen sharing It was not possible to initiate screen sharing session when user was in invisible state
Video Webcam in use message was not displayed properly
Profile It was not possible to change on your own profile your phone numbers country code
Generic Skype crashed when pressing “esc” while editing contacts phone number
Video Video preview did not close after switching the video off
Calling Add people to call did not list contacts from other contact list than currently active
Accessibility When receiving multiple files at once only the first file was read out to user by accessibility software.
Options Seldom expanding options sub menus did not work
Group conversations Sometimes instead of contacts full name a Skype name was shown instead on group calls
Generic On two monitor setup when switching from default mode to compact mode Skype was put to secondary monitor
Localization Localization to all languages updated

9 thoughts on “Skype 5.9 for Windows

  1. honeyeyz said 4 years ago

    I just upgraded to 5.9 and before with my online number I was only getting a busy signal. Now with the upgrade I can’t even get that!! It cuts off the call and doesn’t give a busy signal nor a voice mail message.
    This is so frustrating as I need people to be able to contact me! Either fix this problem immediate or I’m switching to magic jack!!

  2. goft58 said 4 years ago

    I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate yesterday afternoon and since then I cannot get Skype ot work on my laptop, it churn at the log on screen for ever until Windows stop it, I have tried the latest download, the old one which was working well on Windows 7 Pro

    So what is the alternative and how are can Skype work with Ultimate?

  3. shankar.narayanan85 said 4 years ago

    I am in version But when i click check for updates, it says skype is up to date. How to upgrade ?

  4. gg4you4170 said 4 years ago

    Ok, I’ve updated to this new version. As soon as I share my screen everything is ok, But when I move my document that I am sharing, it freezes and the other person can not see that I’ve moved my document up or down. Please help as I use Skype to teach and my students are missing this class because of it!

  5. wispyzor said 4 years ago

    Why when check for updates don`t download the last version ? I have skype 5.8

  6. bangz_dhea1 said 4 years ago

    i used to share screen just fine but now, whenever i hit the share screen button, the other person can’t hear me….i wish i hadn’t downloaded the latest version..duh!

  7. maurice108108 said 4 years ago

    How do you turn off automatic updates in version 5.9?

  8. the_webdragon said 4 years ago

    When can we expect the linux version to be updated beyond version beta?

    I see a stream of updates on the windows release, while the linux release stagnates.

    Are you not concerned about the security implications ? I know *I* am, considering skype could be a potential vector.

    This app should be (IMHO) developed as a fully cross-platform app, so that it reaches the widest audience possible with the greatest compatibility, not developed separately in little insular niches (which has allowed the present situation to go as long as it has.)

  9. doug.oem said 4 years ago

    I have an issue with Skype on a brand new install on a brand new Windows 7 x64 PC: the client will not set to Away, instead if sets to Do Not Disturb. This happens both if I manually select Away, and when it automatically sets after inactivity. Is anyone else seeing this?

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