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Skype 5.7 for Mac

Today we have released a new version of Skype for Mac.

In this release, we have made overall improvements to the product quality and calling experience. Following user feedback, we have enabled Volume Control in the Preferences for users who use USB headsets.

Please upgrade to the latest version of Skype for Mac and leave us feedback by visiting our Support Network or by reporting issues on our public issue tracker.

Quick reminder – did you know that you can call your contacts directly from the Mac Address Book – click here to see our recent blog.

Resolved Issues:

Category Description
Chat IM area becomes blurry after scrolling

Known Issues:

Category Description Workaround
Video Video device selection is not remembered on next launch Set the desired video device manually
Call In Leopard can not press number keys on keyboard to generate touch tones Use buttons in dial pad (CMD + 2)

13 thoughts on “Skype 5.7 for Mac

  1. robertokoko64 said 4 years ago

    I’ve been using Skype for years to chat to my parents in the UK from Tokyo.

    The picture and sound quality have always been crystal clear.

    We have both just updated Skype. Both are Mac users.

    The quality and sound has deteriorated. A shocking experience. A pixilated picture and broken sound.

    What has happened? Can we go back to the previous version.

  2. bentayyy said 4 years ago

    i was wondering if it was possible to mute someone in a video call; this functionality was previously available in the form of a volume slider. It’s a pity it has been removed.

  3. parkerpress said 4 years ago

    My biggest question is have you fixed any of the interface issues we’ve all been complaining about for the last year? Resizeable columns. Minimal windows. Less white space. Ability to control the volume of a call within the app (without having to adjust our entire system volume control) Get a list of just contacts that are online without their status, and all that other garbage.

    It seems like we’ve lost the ability now to use the numberpad and set video prefs. I don’t understand why you’d even bother releasing a product that’s only going to make everybody more upset each time.

    Yes, I understand we’re a captive group of monkeys and there’s no alternative, so you can do whatever you want, and we just have to take it. But I sure wish you’d read the forums once in a while and listen to your user base….


  4. justinharkey said 4 years ago

    I do not think the volume issue has been resolved at all. It NEEDS to be put back on the call window. I deal with many different clients and each one has a headset or mic with a different volume. Some callers I have to turn down, some I have to turn up. It’s annoying to have to go to the preference window every time I need to adjust the volume. Just put it back on the window and I will be one happy camper.

  5. hugenyc said 4 years ago

    Ever since I upgraded to 5.7 for the Mac (Macbook OS 10.6.3 with built-in isight) my video isn’t working. The camera is not the issue as it works with other software. This is really very frustrating and there don’t seem to be any posts on the web as to a work-around. Mac isight doesn’t let you reset the devise manually, as it is the default video devise. Can you please advise?

  6. lukemcurley said 4 years ago

    Can you consider developing a compact view for Skype on Mac, similar to Google Talk interface. I find it very cluttered and large. The left panel is not used much, I don’t need to see Location or Lists, the width of the Status is also too big. Why can’t I pick what columns to have here and to be able to change the width of all.

  7. saturno21 said 4 years ago

    So.. no new Emoticons for Mac yet. Oh well. Thanks for the update though!

  8. alex.double said 4 years ago

    I have tried to download the latest Skype several times to my iMac the download presents the folder but after that nothing happens so I do not know if I have the latest version or not!

  9. cfsdoriga said 4 years ago

    The same as hugenyc happens to me. The iSight camera works well in other IMs, so it’s a problem of the version 5.7 of Skype. Can you please solve it. Thanks!!!!

  10. danaherk said 4 years ago

    Sorry, they ruined Skype for Mac over a year ago and regardless of thousands of complaints continue to stick by this awful version of the client. How a software developer can ignore such a deluge of negative feedback is extraordinary. My suspicion is that Skype is made up of entirely programmers and there’s not a single UX designer on board. If there is though they should be ashamed…

  11. timmymillard said 4 years ago

    Any chance of creating a disable button for Skype home as not everyone links Skype with facebook and to have the message about your contacts not being very active yardayarda is annoying and irrelevant for some users. Second the inclusion of a IM button beside contacts rather than a default video chat button on the contact list would also be good as the most convenient method of communication is not that of video interaction.

  12. neogeodenmark said 4 years ago

    Thanks for a cool new update. However I have a few issues and thoughts. I hope you’ll understand.

    Since 5.7 installed, my normal browser Facebook logs out every time i sign into Skype.
    For example: Facebook running in 5.1.5. If I sign in on, I get logged out of Facebook in Safari. This happens every single time, no matter what. It’s quite frustrating. I see absolutely no options for disabling the Facebook integration in Skype, and I find this a little concerning.
    I’m running OS X 10.7.3 on a 17″ 2009 unibody macbook pro.

    I miss being able to adjust the size of my own picture in the conversation, and same goes for the external view when the program isn’t in focus.

    The sidebar often seems too bulky and just in the way as it takes up way too much unnecessary space.

    Before 5.7, I could simultaneously run a Skype call and for example the PhotoBooth app, or ManyCam. Now, Skype seizes all control of the camera.

    Also it would be highly practical to be able to have separate windows open. For example one for whatever call you’re in, and others for normal chat, at the same time.

    Sincerely, Geo.

  13. travelinmarc said 4 years ago

    I completely agree with lukemcurley. The compact view as found in Skype for Windows or Gtalk, would be a huge improvement in enhancing the user experience with Skype for Mac. I have many conversations going at the same time, and having to flip between conversation in the same GUI is extremely difficult. On my windows PC I can monitor and respond to multiple conversations simultaneously with a quick Alt+Tab.



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