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Five ways you can use Skype for business

Many of you are familiar with Skype’s video chat and instant messaging features, but in this blog, we want to showcase five lesser known aspects of Skype that you can introduce into your everyday life at work.

1. Send File
We know that there are times that sending a file over e-mail just isn’t convenient, because of file size, lack of time, or fears about whether or not the file went through properly. That’s where Skype comes in. Using Skype, you can send large files for free in the middle of an instant messaging or call, and you’ll even be notified when the file transfer is complete.

2. Conference Calling
Maybe you’re working with people from all around the world on a project, or perhaps you’re working on a joint corporation deal with your business. You want to get everyone present to talk, but getting everyone together for a phone call isn’t working out. If you’ve ever had an experience like this, try out Skype’s conference calling feature. It’s free for all Skype users, and if you’re using Skype Credit or subscribing to one of our monthly calling plans, you can even add in non-Skype users.

3. Calling landlines and mobiles
Nowadays it’s common to be doing business with people halfway across the world. International business comes with its own set of challenges, including time zone differences, but for a business, one of the main obstacles to overcome is cost. Skype-to-Skype calls are free no matter where in the world you’re calling, but you can cut costs by using Skype to call landline and mobile phones, anywhere in the world, when you use one of Skype’s monthly subscription calling plans or Skype Credit.

4. Online Numbers
Haven’t you ever thought it would be nice if someone can call your number on Skype? An Online Numbers is a number anyone can call you on from their mobile or landline – and you answer on Skype, no matter where you are.

5. Skype Manager
Skype Manager is a web-based management tool that lets you centrally manage Skype for businesses of any size. You can trial Skype Manager, and discover how easy it is to create Skype accounts for your colleagues, allocate them credit and features and keep track of what everyoneʼs spending.

Do you use any of these Skype features in your business? Do you have a favorite Skype feature that helps improve your efficiency at work? Let us know in the comments, or by tweeting @Skype4Biz.

In addition, if you are interested in learning more about putting Skype to work in your business, feel free to reach out to our solutions group.

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