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Teacher Stays Connected with Students Through Skype During Cancer Treatment

We love hearing about the many innovative and heart-warming ways people are using Skype to better connect with their friends, families and colleagues. That’s why we were so inspired by the story of Kaylene Kramer, an Ohio-based teacher and mother of two.

A story originally reported by ABC 13 in Toledo detailed Kramer’s ordeal: she was diagnosed with and began treatment for breast cancer in October of last year. As a display of her incredible strength, she decided it was important to keep connected with her students every three weeks using Skype video calling during her time away from the classroom.

During her treatment process, Kramer is continuing to use Skype to keep in touch with her first-grade students, read them stories and provide them with updates on her progress.
Teacher Kaylene Kramer checks in with her class on a Skype video call from her hospital recovery room. (Image c/o

Have you heard of an inspiring Skype story from your hometown? If so, please share with us in the comments!

One thought on “Teacher Stays Connected with Students Through Skype During Cancer Treatment

  1. mamadutes12 said 4 years ago

    This is so great for both the children and the teacher, empathy is what children will experience and it’s a beautiful thing for a child to learn early on. My best regards to a teacher with much love and respect for her students.warm regards Peggy peters

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