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Skype and Partner to Bring Technology to Classrooms

Last September, I announced Skype’s goal of connecting one million classrooms across the globe through Skype in the classroom, a free online community that helps teachers use Skype to enrich educational experiences for students. In pursuit of this goal, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with, an innovative online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help teachers and students in need. Together, we aim to remove barriers to communication and enable teachers and students to experience the world outside their classroom by connecting them with organizations and classrooms, both domestic and abroad, through video calling.

Through our partnership, we are putting $250,000 in the hands of teachers to help them open up their classrooms to wonderful learning experiences. We are excited to see that there are dozens of classroom projects on seeking funding for technology – including requests for laptops, netbooks, webcams and more – and this partnership allows us to have a very direct and very positive impact in the classroom.

To celebrate this partnership, Skype has already funded a number of projects including:

We hope that through this partnership, which supports Microsoft’s commitment to create opportunities for youth through technology, training, and experiences, more students will have the chance to connect with and learn from other students and teachers around the globe, face-to-face, through video calling. More details on Skype and’s partnership can be viewed here. To see how you can make a difference with, or to register for Skype in the classroom, please visit or


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