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Screen Share Your NCAA Bracket Selection

The month of March marks a beloved time of year for sports enthusiasts’ across the United States. The Men’s NCAA Basketball tournament, also known as “March Madness,” spans a majority of the month with 67 games played before one college team is named champion.

This Sunday, the excitement will begin with “Selection Sunday,” the day that tournament contenders are placed, ranked and announced ahead of the single-elimination tournament. As everyone gets amped for their alma mater or favorite school’s team placement, people across the country will begin predicting the results of the tournament with their NCAA bracket.

If you’re taking part in National Bracket Day this Monday, March 12, there are several ways that Skype can help you share or compare your bracket with long-distance friends and family. In fact, with Skype Group Screen Sharing, available on both Mac and PCs, you can share your online bracket with up to nine of your friends across the country – from your computer to theirs – making sure you can pick the best bracket possible! Part of Skype Premium, you can easily Group Screen Share by starting a Group Video Call with several of your buds and then selecting “share screen.”

Once your friends and your brackets are all set, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the opening games! And don’t forget, you never have to watch the game alone, even if your favorite sports fan friends are out of town. With Skype video calling on your laptop, iPad, mobile phone or TV, you can always watch the games together from your couch to theirs with free one-to-one video calling.


Illustration from Midwest Sports Fan

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