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New Skype Certified Webcams and Headsets from Microsoft

We know how much it means to you to hear or see your loved ones via video and voice call, so we take the quality of your Skype experience very seriously. To ensure a great Skype experience every time, products in our Skype Shop carry the “Skype Certified” seal to show that the webcams, headsets and other products have passed our impartial testing guidelines. Today, we’re excited to announce that all Microsoft HD webcams and USB Microsoft headsets are now Skype Certified and available in our Skype Shop. Now you have even more great options for connecting with loved ones.

The newly Skype Certified products include:

LifeCam HD 3000.png LifeCam HD 5000.png
LifeCam HD-3000 LifeCam HD-5000
LifeCam HD 6000 for Notebooks.png LifeCam Cinema.png
LifeCam HD-6000
for Notebooks
LifeCam Cinema
LifeCam Studio.png LifeChat LX 3000.png
LifeCam Studio LifeChat LX-3000
Life Chat LX 4000 for Business.png Life Chat LX 6000 for Business.png
Life Chat LX-4000
for Business
Life Chat LX-6000 for Business

To connect with your loved ones with these new Skype Certified products today, check them out in the Skype Shop or Microsoft Shop. For comments and questions, please feel free to visit our Skype Support Network.

One thought on “New Skype Certified Webcams and Headsets from Microsoft

  1. nehemoth said 4 years ago

    So tell me, I’ve already have a Microsoft Lifecam Cinema, what should I do for Skype to work in HD with this Camera?

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