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Leap Year: Enjoy your extra day with Skype

It’s a leap year, so we’ve all got one extra day to enjoy this calendar year. But how are you planning to make the most of it? Read on and find out how to enjoy this February 29 using Skype.

This Leap Year …

• Get in touch
It’s easy to fall out of touch with friends and family, especially if you’re busy. But this year, there’s an extra day in the calendar, meaning you’ve got a whole 24 hours extra to make time for friends and family.

It’s easy to stay in touch using Skype – just use Skype instant messaging, free video calls or cheap international calls to say hello to the people that mean the most.

• Pop the question
During a leap year, tradition dictates that women can surprise their sweetheart by popping the question. While proposing over a video call might seem to ruin, the romance of the moment, don’t let that hinder you. There are plenty of ways you can use Skype to propose without losing that spark, especially if Skype video calls are a regular feature in your relationship. Unleash your creativity – don’t limit yourself to the more traditional uses of Skype when coming up with your perfect plan.

Here’s an idea to get the ball rolling – use Skype as part of a romantic ruse. If you and your intended usually Skype call at a set time, why not send them a Qik video message instead – telling them to meet you outside or at a romantic spot nearby, where you can surprise them in person and propose?

• Make a leap
It’s a leap year – so it seems fitting to celebrate your extra day with a leap. Whether you’re bouncing into the air or leap-frogging in honor of February 29, make sure to call and share the fun. You could even do a group video call leap-relay with your friends.

Do you have any leap year plans? Will you be using Skype during your extra calendar day? Please leave a comment and let us know.

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