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Skype group video calling… How can you use it?

Here at Skype, we love music. We also love exploring everything group video calling can do.

So when we recently had the idea to merge music and group video, we couldn’t help ourselves. Without pause we got a hold of our rockstar friends, Scarlett Grey, and asked if they’d like to put on gigs in three different cities. A routine request, they probably thought.

Then came the twist…

The gigs would all happen at precisely the same time via Skype group video calling. Yes, one band, one performance in three very different cities.

Could it be done?

Well, we see that as a definite ‘yes’.

So how can you get the most out of Skype group video calling?

Here are a few things to try:

• Grab a bunch of friends who love to mix it up in the kitchen and enjoy a group cook along.

• Bring your gym buddies together for an impromptu home work out. Don’t forget to shout out something upbeat to keep everyone motivated!

• Have a group of friends who love to read? Put up a pot of tea and meet from everyone’s living room.

• Gather old college mates for a drink and chat about old times. Be prepared for some serious laughs.

The possibilities are pretty much endless. Who would you bring together with Skype and group video calling?

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