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32 million people concurrently online on Skype

Yesterday, Skype passed a new milestone. There were 32 million people signed onto Skype at the same time.

That’s quite a lot of people using Skype to build and maintain meaningful connections with friends, family and co-workers by making voice and video calls, instant messaging or sending files between computers, mobiles and even TVs. Of course, let’s not forget those of you who are calling phones and landline numbers around the world at great low-cost rates using Skype Credit.

We truly appreciate each and every one of you being part of the Skype community and hope you’ll ‘Like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter so you can learn more about new products we’re working on so you are able to enjoy the Skype experience when and wherever you’d like, as well as hear about interesting ways people are using Skype in their daily lives.

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