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Skype and sports: a winning combination

Athletes don’t have much free time between training and competing, so we’re not surprised that they use Skype to train, strategize, network and stay in touch. Read on and find out how athletes use video calling and group calling to stay on top of their game.

Skype and team drafts
Though the Super Bowl has come and gone, we heard about NFL players who used Skype to take part in the all-important NFL draft. In fact, shots of Andy Dalton celebrating his selection by the Cincinnati Bengals with his family in Texas via Skype were shown for the whole world to see.

Skype and training
We’ve been encouraging people to use Skype to get fit, so it makes perfect sense that athletes and people looking to get into shape are training via video calls. Some personal instructors already offer one-to-one training sessions through Skype. And, with group video calls, up to nine people can use Skype to exercise together in one shared call. It’s also great for injured players looking to train with specialists, or for smaller teams or college students looking to fit some training into their busy schedules.

Skype and sharing knowledge
It’s not just the winning that matters. Teams are showing their great sportsmanship by using Skype to share their best tips, plays and training methods.

Earlier this year the Maurice J. McDonough High School Unified Track Team took part in a youth video conference arranged by Special Olympics Massachusetts. During this group video call, the McDonough High team, who won first place at the 2010 Special Olympics Unified Track and Field State High School Invitational, shared their personal experiences and gave their peers advice on how to set up a successful program.

Skype and staying in touch
Professional athletes have some pretty gruelling hours between training, traveling and competiting. The dedication these men and women put into mastering their sport often takes them away from their families for months at a time. Skype helps many of these athletes remain a part of their families’ lives. Mo Farah is one such athlete and he talks about balancing his training and home life, and how Skype has helped him do it, in the London Evening Standard. We look forward to hearing more stories of how Skype is helping athletes and their families keep in touch as the 2012 Summer Olympics approaches!

Do you use Skype to help improve your game? Has your sports team connected face-to-face from different locations using Skype? Please share your experiences with us by leaving a comment below …

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