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Skype Love Story Highlights

Last week, in honor of Valentine’s Day we asked you to share your Skype love stories with us via Twitter, Facebook and our blog. Whether it was a special Skype call with a long distance boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, sister, brother or best friend, you told us how Skype has helped keep you connected with loved ones near and far. We received many, many wonderful responses, and we wanted to share some of our favorites below. Although we must confess, our ultimate favorite was about Tiny and Valentina, two cats that fell in love and maintain a long-distance relationship over Skype. Cute, right? If you shared with us, thank you! If you didn’t have a chance to submit your Skype love story on Valentine’s Day, leave a comment below and share with us.

@3Pups14 @Skype makes faraway friends in New Zealand, Budapest and Scotland seem not so far away #skypestories @MexicanScotland

@Giugi90 #SkypeStories Oh…Thank goodness there is Skype! My boyfriend lives far away from me :’) With Skype, I can see him whenever I want (:

@mjshields Just skyped my kid, who showed me how she & her roomies redecorated their apart. Hope she’s studying now(hint @kaitlynhbs) #SkypeStories

@jennyyyxrawr my bf and I skyped everyday for a year while he was away at college, now were finally together going to the same university<3 #SkypeStories

Misty Letterman: My boyfriend is stationed in Germany right now, we are waiting to do our Valentine’s day when I fly over there on march 4, but to be able to see him and talk today makes a huge distance seem not so big. We love Skype

Lucy Antig Plaza: thank you so much skype for letting us here in the Philippines see and talk to our love ones in Australia. Nothing is impossible with skype, even though our cousins, uncles and aunties are far away and thousand miles apart we still get to catch up and celebrate special occasions with them. YOU ROCK SKYPE! the best and good job! Keep it up! Xx

Rachel Valencia: My fiance and I love Skype!!! :) we used it when he went overseas.. And even while he was on the road ♥ it really has meant a lot to me and has been a great resource to keep in touch XO Happy Valentines

Christina Miksch: The first 4 years of my relationship with my fiancé was long distance, I’m talking across the world, through deployments to Afghanistan, study abroad, him being stationed in Japan…. There’s no way we would still be together without Skype. We were on it practically every day. And now we’re getting married!

Crissy Smart: My long term relationship started on skype. Before we ever met face to face, we would stay up long hours every night talking and falling in love on skype. The thing is, we still do it. :)

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