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Long distance romance? Keep the spark alive with Skype

If you’re at college, in the military or working away, it can be hard to make your relationship work. But, it’s easy to use free Skype video calls to keep in touch. Read on for more about long distance relationships and how you can keep the romance going using Skype.

Long distance relationships and the web …
The Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships published a study in 2005 estimating that more than 3.5 million married people and 4.5 million unmarried college students carry out long distance relationships over the web.

More recent statistics have indicated that at least 75 percent of college students will engage in a long distance relationship during their four years away in college.

And, now it’s thought that more working people than ever are taking their relationship long distance as job seekers are increasingly prepared to move to a different city, state or country in a bid to land a new job in today’s tough economy.

That’s a lot of people – and a whole lot of love – going online.

Skype and your long distance relationship
Skype really helps you keep in touch with the people you care about the most, and long distance relationships are no exception.

You can talk, date and even fall asleep together using free Skype video calls and cheap international calls. So, even if you’re at opposite corners of the globe, you can still keep your relationship going.

Dating over video calls might seem a little strange at first, especially if you’re used to spending most days with each other. But, people who’ve used Skype to date have told us that it’s worth it – as it’s a cheap and convenient way of talking to one another and keeping the romance going, and speaking face-to-face seems more personal than using texts or emails.

We’ve pulled some tips together to help you get romantic over your Skype calls:

Add a little mood lighting to your Skype call by dimming the lights; carefully draping a red scarf or napkin over a lampshade; or lighting some candles.

Make a meal of it. Take your laptop into the kitchen and cook your meals together, and then sit down for a proper dinner date over video call. Time zones permitting, cook the same meal. But, don’t worry if you’re sitting down to breakfast while your crush is eating dinner.

Keep things fun by playing a game like Scrabble or a crossword – try to keep your words romantic or meaningful where you can.

Screen share a movie and watch it together or file send music and listen together.

Take a walk together and video call from your cell by using Skype for Android or Skype for iPhone.

Record and send a Qik video message when you know you won’t be able to Skype – especially if it’s a good morning message on the day of an anniversary, or a pep talk before a challenging day. You could even send your crush a Qik video message when you’ve planned a surprise visit, letting them know you’ll be in town in the next half hour.

Video call each other before you go to bed and fall asleep together.

Are you in a long distance relationship? Do you use Skype to keep in touch and keep the romance going? If so, please leave us a comment and share your experiences with us …

One thought on “Long distance romance? Keep the spark alive with Skype

  1. nolhtro said 4 years ago

    Thanks to skype my girlfriend and I can talk whenever we want, we even can send sms to each other. I live in Belgium and she’s up for a roadtrip around Australia, we’ve been in a relationship since 2010, and without skype, well, it would be over… so, again, thank you!

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