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Online romance and video calling your Valentine…

It might be the tradition to send cards or love letters to your sweetheart on February 14, but it’s more personal – and free – to tell someone you love them over Skype. Read on and find out why you should video call instead of sending a card this Valentine’s Day.

Why we tell people we love them on February 14 …

We celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 each year in honor of the daring sainted martyr, St. Valentine of Terni.

Legend has it that St. Valentine of Terni was a bishop who married soldiers and their sweethearts in secret after a Roman Emperor forbade his troops to marry, thinking single men made better warriors. Valentine’s actions resulted in his imprisonment and execution, but it’s thought he fell in love with his jailor’s daughter before he died and sent her a note signed “from your Valentine.” However, many think that we consider Valentine’s Day a day of romance because February once marked the pagan celebration of Lupercalia.

Throughout the ages, people have sent their sweethearts love letters and cards to mark February 14. However, the act of telling someone you love them on Valentine’s Day only really became popular in the 1600s, and sending a card didn’t really catch on until the emergence of greeting card companies in the 1900s. So, why not take Valentine’s Day into the 21st century this year with a video call?

Why video call this Valentine’s Day?

Video calling is a cheap and environmentally-friendly way of marking Valentine’s Day – plus, it’s a really personal and fail-safe option, too. There’s no way a Valentine’s Day video call will go missing in the mail. And, with a video call, there’s no guessing or analyzing bad handwriting trying to figure out who an admirer is. Just a lovely message and a smile.

5 fun ways to say ‘I love you’ over Skype:

Surprise your Valentine over Skype instant messaging by sending them a heart or kiss emoticon while your status is set as ‘invisible’.

When you video call, try saying ‘I love you’ in a different language – for example ‘Ti amo’ in Italian, ‘Je t’aime’ in French, ‘Ich liebe Dich’ in German – especially if you’re working or vacationing abroad over Valentine’s Day.

If you can’t video call together, record a private Qik video message and send it to your Valentine. You could even record yourself reading a poem or singing a song written especially for your sweetheart.

Update your status and let all your friends know you’re thinking of your Valentine. Or, if they’re the shy type, update your status to feature the lyrics of a song or to mention a date that’s important to both of you.

If you’re more of an emoticon person, share your love with your special someone with these Skype emoticons: (h) :* (inlove) (blush) (hug) (F)

Are you planning to say ‘I love you’ over Skype this Valentine’s Day? If you are, please let us know and share your tips with us below …

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