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The Visualization of a Skype Friendship

Ever wonder how much time you spend on Skype? The minutes or hours one spends instant messaging with friends, calling home via voice or video call, screen sharing with co-workers and more can really add up! That’s why we love the story of two friends, Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer who have spent a large amount of their time keeping in touch via Skype.

Formerly design classmates in Berlin, Germany, Julia and Cedric regularly held calls or exchanged instant messages as they worked together. After years of working together, the two decided to start a design studio, onformative. When their design studio celebrated its one year anniversary, Julia and Cedric used their creativity and designed a poster representing their Skype correspondence over the years. Showcasing the years of collaborating virtually together, Julia and Cedric commented, “We love Skype and we love data graphics. What, then, makes more sense than designing a data graphic of our Skype communication?” All in all, they had 62,676 messages exchanged via Skype over the past three years!

Skype Friendship.jpg

Is there someone you speak to frequently via Skype? Leave a comment and share your Skype story with us.

3 thoughts on “The Visualization of a Skype Friendship

  1. foxxy_mm said 4 years ago

    I met my fiancee through Skype, almost 2 years ago, with out Skype I doubt we would be together still, thanks Skype !

  2. said 4 years ago

    I sleep next to my boyfriend that is 1000 miles away, almost every night because of Skype. We watch movies together on Skype. We share our worlds with each other because of Skype. We do almost everything together on Skype. Without Skype our relationship would have never lasted this long. I couldn’t live without Skype!

  3. fall3nrain said 4 years ago

    My boyfriend and I met online through some random link to a game (of table pong, promoting the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) on Facebook. We decided to Skype -when I discovered he had an English accent- and began Skyping every day. I lived in the U.S. and he lived in England, so eventually we began talking about meeting each other somehow. Next thing we knew, we had tickets booked for him to come over.
    We’ve been together for a year and a half now, and currently live together in the UK. He’s been to visit me in the states 3 times, and I went to visit the UK once before moving here. We would have never been able to bridge that time and distance without Skype. We are both so grateful for being able to see each other even when we were 3000 miles apart.
    Ironically, we’ve still yet to actually see the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World… we’re still waiting on that.

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