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Wear red this February, over Skype …

Today is National Wear Red Day. “Go red for women” over Skype and help support groups like The American Heart Association promote heart health.

Wear Red Day

You’ll probably have noticed lots of people wearing red today. It’s no fashion coincidence. February 3rd is National Wear Red Day®. Each year on the first Friday in February, thousands of individuals, groups, and companies “Go Red” to raise awareness and funds for the fight against heart disease in women.

As part of the Wear Red Day campaign, the American Heart Association asks people to rally together in red and donate just $5 each in aid of our sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and friends affected by cardiovascular disease and strokes. Sadly, heart disease is currently the No. 1 killer of women in the USA.

Every person who wears red, donates $5, or helps to raise awareness about heart disease today will be helping heart health awareness groups across the nation reach their goal of preventing 1 million heart attacks and strokes over the next 5 years.

You can find out more about women’s heart health and your cardiovascular risk factors through the American Heart Association.

But please, don’t forget to help raise awareness this National Wear Red Day® by going red over Skype.

How to “go red” over Skype:

If you’re wearing red on February 3, make sure everyone knows by using Skype to …

• Wear red when you video call

It doesn’t matter how much red you’re wearing today. If you’re wearing a red dress, a red shirt, or even a Go Red baseball cap make sure everyone you video call knows why you’ve “gone red for women.”

• Update your profile and let your contacts know you’re wearing red

Update your profile and let everyone know that you’re supporting Wear Red Day. Direct your contacts to websites where they can find out more about heart disease, how to keep their heart healthy, and how to donate to the American Heart Association. You could even update your profile throughout the day – when you’ve finished getting dressed, when you’ve made your donation, and when you’ve received a compliment on the red clothes you’re wearing – to help keep Wear Red Day on everyone’s minds.

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to wear red today. You can still help raise awareness and promote heart health over Skype …

• Use a heart emoticon

Give Wear Red Day a little heart by using a heart emoticon when you instant message over Skype. You could even ask your Skype contacts to send a heart emoticon along with an explanation about Wear Red Day and heart health awareness to all of their Skype contacts. Who knows – the love chain you start today could help save someone’s life.

• Spread the word about Wear Red Day by Skype File Send

Show your support for Wear Red Day and get more people involved by sharing free downloadable Go Red awareness materials online, over Skype. Just register at for your support pack. You’ll instantly receive an email with heart health information and posters that you can Skype File Send to your family, friends, and contacts.

Use Skype to take Wear Red Day global …

America isn’t the only country to wear red in support of heart health. Brits also wear red on February 24 to raise awareness about heart conditions and to fundraise for The British Heart Foundation.

So, you don’t have to restrict going red over Skype to just one day this month.

Go red over Skype all the way through February and you could help take Wear Red Day and its heart healthy messages global – especially if you use video calls or cheap international calls to stay in touch with friends, family, colleagues, or business contacts around the world.

Wearing red might even help you raise a smile when you call overseas, as some cultures associate the color red with luck, prosperity, courage, and love.

• Across the world, red is thought to symbolize love, emotion, and passion.
• In China, red is associated with luck, passion, courage, loyalty, honor, success, and happiness.
• In Japan, red is the color most associated with heroes.
• In India, red is the favorite color of brides, as it’s linked with love, purity, beauty, and wealth.
• In Central Africa, red is the color used by warriors and is a symbol of life, death, and healing.
• In Spain, red is thought to symbolize the country’s traditions and cultural heritage, like bull fighting and flamenco dancing.

Are you wearing red today? Have you gone red over Skype? Do you have any tips on how to “go red for women” and raise awareness over Skype? Please share your comments with us, below …

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