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Skype 2.1 update for Symbian: Support for Nokia 701 and 603

Today we have released a Skype 2.1 update for Symbian.

This update brings to you a support for new smartphones Nokia 701 and Nokia 603 running on Symbian Belle.

Download Skype for your Symbian device from Ovi Store.

Please let us know what you think about it by visiting Skype Support Network and discussing there with us.

Full release notes for Skype for Symbian are:

New features and improvements:

* Support for Nokia 603 and 701

Known issues:

Category Description Workaround
Calling Changing the Skype ringtone multiple time might crash Skype None available
User Interface Skype user interface might be cropped from corner on Nokia 603 and 701 None available
Voice Messages Deleting many voice messages in row might cause Skype to crash None available

2 thoughts on “Skype 2.1 update for Symbian: Support for Nokia 701 and 603

  1. roman.gartz said 2 years ago

    when will be a skype version with front camera video call support for symbian belle available?

  2. bmgs_mutlu_20 said 1 year ago

    when will be able to use video call function with our nokia belle phones?

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