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Skype for Windows Phoneのβ版アプリを最大限に活用しよう!

Skype for Windows Phoneのβ版アプリ*を温かく歓迎してくださり、ありがとうございます。おかげ様で、Skype for Windows Phoneのβ版アプリはご好評をいただいております。昨日のアプリ公開以降、すでに多く Read more

Убедитесь, что Вы полностью используете все возможности бета-версии приложения Skype на Windows Phone

Мы благодарим всех за тёплый прием бета-версии нового приложения Skype for Windows Phone*. Хотя приложение стало доступно только вчера, многие успели загрузить и протестировать его, и даже поделились с нами своими первыми впечатлениями. Мы хотели воспользоваться этой возможностью, чтобы дать… Read more

Leap Year: Enjoy your extra day with Skype

Enjoy February 29 and your leap year with Skype by using free video calls to get in touch, leap around and pop the question. Read our blog for more. Read more

Skype Hero: College Student Brings Skype into Nursing Home

Sometimes we come across really heartwarming stories which inspire us and highlight the many ways people are doing something really good or helping others using Skype. Today, I want to share with you the story of Ivan Quinones, a college… Read more

Wie Ihr das Beste aus Skype für Windows Phone herausholt

Zunächst einmal: Danke an alle, dass Ihr unsere Beta-App* für Windows Phone so positiv aufgenommen habt. Seit die App gestern live gegangen ist, haben viele von Euch sie sich schon heruntergeladen und Feedback gegeben. Damit Ihr alle das Beste aus… Read more

Saca todo el potencial a la Beta App de Skype para Windows Phone!

Queremos agradeceros a todos por la gran acogida que ha tenido la nueva aplicación Beta de Skype para Windows Phone*. Desde que la lanzamos ayer, muchos de vosotros ya la habéis descargado y ya habéis compartido con nosotros vuestras… Read more

GroupMe brings free private and group messaging to Windows Phone

Our colleagues at GroupMe today announced a completely revamped version of the app for Windows Phone. GroupMe is a group messaging service that can be used on any phone allowing users to stay in touch with the important people in… Read more

Aproveite ao máximo seu Skype para Windows Phone Beta

Obrigada a todos pela excelente recepção ao novo Skype para Windows Phone Beta. Desde que foi disponibilizado ontem, muitas pessoas baixaram o app para testar e compartilharam suas primeiras impressões com a gente. Queríamos aproveitar essa oportunidade para compartilhar… Read more

Make sure you get the most out of the Skype for Windows Phone Beta app!

Thanks to everyone for the warm reception you gave the new Skype for Windows Phone Beta app*. Since it first became available yesterday, many of you have downloaded it to test and have shared your first impressions with us…. Read more

Skype Eesti juhiks saab Tiit Paananen

Juhivahetus on alati suur sündmus, alati väärt üht korralikku pressiteadet. Samas – ega blogi pole lihtsalt pressiteadete arhiiv – siin teile kiire viiekäiguline intervjuu peatselt oma uues rollis alustava Tiiduga. Ja siis pressiteade. 1. Esiteks klassikaline küsimus "Kes sa oled… Read more

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