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What's the world talking about on Skype this January?

We all love to talk – and it’s easy to stay connected using Skype video calls and instant messaging.

But what has the world been talking about at the start of 2012? Read on and find out what we’ve all been chatting about this January.

• What went on at CES …
CES – The International Consumer Electronics Show – took place this month between January 10 – 13, and the world’s top trade show did not disappoint. Attendees had a view of top tech releases for the year, and had a Skype lounge where people could see the latest innovations from Skype and talk about how Skype connects them to their friends and families.

• SOPA and the Wiki-led blackout …
Just two weeks ago, Wikipedia blacked out for a full day in protest against the Stop Online Privacy Act. Over 7,000 websites followed suit. And it’s sparked lots of interest, especially among avid web users.

• Kate Middleton turning 30
Prince William’s wife Catherine turned 30 this month, directing our attention once more to the royal family. We know Prince Charles is a fan of Skype, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Kate and William video call one another also just as soon as he leaves to the Falklands as part of his military duties.

• Blue Ivy making an entrance …
We’d be surprised if Beyoncé and Jay-Z haven’t been video calling their friends and family – and sharing photos of their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, who arrived early this month. This new arrival has undoubtedly been the star of many conversations in January.

• Katy Perry and her split with Russell Brand …
Katy Perry’s been looking a little blue too this January. Following her split with Russell Brand, she’s dyed her hair a shade of blue – her new do and the couple’s surprise split has had us racking up call minutes.

• The Golden Globes …
Not everyone’s had a touch of the January blues though, with celebs like George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams and Kate Winslet picking up awards at the world-famous ceremony. We’ve all been chattering about the awards on the phone and over the net, maybe even dissecting the red carpet entrances with our fashionista friends over a Skype conference call.

We’ve also been talking about the fact that Julian Fellowes – the writer behind Downton Abbey – was seen talking to movie producers at the event, sparking speculation that a Downton movie could be in the works.

What have you been talking about on Skype about this month? Let us know by leaving a comment …

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