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Need some support but short on time? Try online therapy…

Online counseling and therapy is becoming more popular than ever for busy people. Online therapy can be a valuable tool, whether you have specific issues you want to talk about or whether you want to take a holistic approach to your health and well-being. It can be tough taking time out to go to sessions in-person, so there are a growing number of therapists who are now offering online therapy sessions, maybe even some via Skype.

The idea of online therapy is simple – instead of travelling to your therapist’s office, your session is conducted using the therapist’s preferred online method, which may include Skype calls or Skype video calls.

This is great news for anyone who lives in a remote area and has to take time out of their day to drive to their therapist’s office. Instead they can set up sessions from the comfort of their own home. Or if you’re a frequent traveller for work, it also means that you’re able to continue with regular sessions while you’re on the road, perhaps while even using Skype for mobile.

According to Psychology Today’s article ‘Online Counseling Service via Skype’, Peter Strong, Ph.D. said, “It is surprising how effective Skype therapy sessions are. Although client and therapist may be thousands of miles apart, it feels like you are in the same room.”

Other experts think it can be just as, if not more, effective than traditional therapy sessions. Dr. Kate Anthony of the Online Therapy Institute told The Daily Mail in the UK that the benefits of online therapy, “when done ethically and responsibly, outweigh the negatives”.

She went on to say that online therapy can be less time-consuming and therefore cheaper too, as “‘you might need 12 sessions of face-to-face to deal with an issue, but you can get to the same place in five email sessions'”.

For some critics, the issue with therapy by telephone or email is that you and your therapist don’t get the benefits of seeing each other’s facial expressions and body language. But with Skype video calls, this isn’t an issue – it’s just like having a face-to-face session.

Not only that, using Skype or other online tools means that you can talk to your therapist in the comfort of your home – and for some people that means that they feel more relaxed and able to talk more freely about the issues they’re facing.

If you’re thinking about trying online therapy sessions, however, make sure you choose your therapist in the same way you would for a traditional session – check out their qualifications and, if possible, get personal recommendations from people whose opinions you trust.

Have you tried online therapy via Skype? What did you think of it?

One thought on “Need some support but short on time? Try online therapy…

  1. Online Therapy via Skype is an excellent choice for people who are not suffering from a medical condition, but are simply looking for professional help with anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, or relationship problems. The video call feature allows you to talk to your therapist and see your therapist in real-time. It feels as if you are in the same room together, and in my experience as a therapist, I find Skype sessions to be just as good as in-person sessions. Actually, there are situations where Skype Therapy can be a better choice, especially if you are suffering from Social Anxiety, Driving Anxiety or Agoraphobia. Many people suffering from an addiction also like the option of a one-on-one session from home rather than the Group Therapy setting. Not everyone is comfortable talking about their addiction in front of a group and prefer a more personalized approach. The online choice is a welcome additional option to help the recovery process.
    There is no question that Online Therapy via Skype is less intimidating and less “clinical” in feel, which can make the therapy experience more effective because you feel more comfortable calling from the comfort of home.
    The Skype Therapy choice may not be appropriate for everyone, but it is definitely a growing phenomenon. and for many, it is a very welcome option in deed for getting that extra help for managing emotional difficulties.

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