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Montana Students Reveal New Name for NASA Spacecraft through Video Call

It’s amazing when we see technology bring people together to enjoy educational experiences.

Today, we saw a perfect example showcasing how technology can bring the joy of science to students in Montana. In the video below, you can see how a class of fourth graders from the Emily Dickson Elementary School in Bozeman, Montana helped NASA choose new names for its twin spacecraft GRAIL-A and B. Through a Skype video call, the students were brought into the NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C. where they enthusiastically announced the new spacecraft names of “Ebb” and “Flow.”

We love seeing how Skype is able to bridge the distance between NASA headquarters and students so they could share such a memorable event together! Check out the video and leave a comment on how your school could use Skype to enrich the classroom.
For more information on how Skype can be used in schools, visit Skype in the classroom or on Facebook and Twitter.

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