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Get even more from Skype … with #SkypeTips

At Skype, we’re all about sharing and making it easy for you to connect with your friends and family using free Skype video calls. We want to make Skype even easier to use, so we’ve set up a Twitter hashtag – #SkypeTips – so you can follow and see some of our top tips for video calls, international calling, instant messaging, and more.

Just follow us on Twitter at @Skype, or if you have a help request to troubleshoot specific account issues, you can send a message over Twitter to @SkypeSupport.

Here’s a sampling of some of our Skype tips:

Taking off to another country? Use a flag emoticon in your Skype instant messages, such as (flag:uk) to show off your destination!

Want to start calling your friends on Facebook using Skype? Just get the latest Windows or Mac version of Skype and start making video calls from Skype to your Facebook friends.

Set up your Skype voicemail to take messages when you’re offline. Just go to Tools/Options/Calls/Show Advanced Options and select ‘Voicemail’, then click ‘Send unanswered calls to voicemail.’

Run a blog or website? Let visitors call you by adding a Skype Click to Call button to your blog or website.

Feeling creative? Rename your Skype group chat with something fun!

Want to look up your contact quickly on Skype for Mac? Hit option-command-F to open the search box.

Looking to spice up your Skype chats a bit? Be a little cheeky and add a Skype emoticon.

We use Skype every day, so it’s no surprise we have a few tips to share. But we know some of you are Skype ninjas too, so we’d love to hear your top tips – from quickie keyboard short-cuts to web-cam dos and don’ts.

Just tweet your own favorite tips using hashtag #SkypeTips, and you can help others get even more out of Skype – so, why not get your thinking cap on and tweet your tips to us now?

2 thoughts on “Get even more from Skype … with #SkypeTips

  1. praisewarrior52 said 5 years ago

    I’ve tried to get help from feedback. No luck!

  2. juztplayin12 said 5 years ago

    make support for windows 7 phones!

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