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Mark Wood – Nearing the South Pole

Whilst many of us have been taking some time with our families over the festive season, the intrepid explorer Mark Wood has been walking through the snow and ice across the South Pole alone.

Mark called me late last night to update me on his progress – rather excitingly he was just 17 miles from the South Pole and the halfway point of his expedition. You can listen to Mark’s latest update and see exactly where he is on the ice right now on his blog.

Once he reaches the South Pole, Mark will be flown to Chile where he’ll take a long shower before heading up to Ottawa and then Resolute Bay to tackle the North Pole. Mark will be available to speak to schools as part of Skype in the Classroom during this period – more details on this to come.

Update on Mark’s progress (1/11/12): I’m pleased to say that an exhausted, but elated Mark has made it to the South Pole on day 50 of his expedition. Congratulations from everyone at Skype happy_80 (Small).png.

South Pole.jpg

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