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International Skype-to-Skype calling continues to accelerate in 2011

New estimates from telecom market research firm TeleGeography show that while international PSTN call traffic growth is slowing, increasing only 4% in 2011, international conversations by Skype users continued to accelerate. International Skype-to-Skype call minutes increased 48% last year to approximately 145 billion minutes – an increase of 47 billion minutes in 2011 alone.

International Skype-to-Skype call volumes are now equivalent to just over 33% of the 438 billion minutes of international PSTN call traffic seen in 2011.* Similarly, Skype-to-Skype calls comprised nearly 25% of 2011’s total 583 billion international calling minutes (total is comprised of international PSTN call traffic and Skype-to-Skype call traffic).**

* 33.10% is the ratio of Skype-to-Skype calling minutes to international PSTN calling minutes.
** 24.87% is the percentage of Skype-to-Skype calling in the total international calling minutes.

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