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Skype is heading to CES – Share the moment with us!

The Skype team is hitting the road and heading to Las Vegas for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show, January 10th – 13th. CES is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, featuring over 2,000 exhibitors from the technology space, showcasing the latest in PCs, tablets, mobiles, devices, apps, and more.

CES 2012 banner.png

If you’re headed to CES, you won’t want to miss Skype. Our home at CES will be the Skype Lounge (Location: CP13, Central Plaza), which is located in the parking lot in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Skype Lounge will be our central hub for all things Skype, where you’ll be able to see our latest innovative products across many devices and platforms. In addition, we thought it would be fun to bring the excitement of Las Vegas directly into the Skype Lounge, where we will – beam in the brand new tower at Caesars, showcase indoor skydiving, introduce the performers at Circus Circus, and participate in a Vegas wedding, and much more – all from live video calls streamed into the Skype Lounge.

So swing by our lounge, check out the experiences and demo some of the latest technologies from Skype. And here’s a big tip… if you’re coming to CES, don’t forget to download Skype’s GroupMe app to your mobile phone and set up your group to keep in touch with your friends and colleagues throughout the week. GroupMe is a fantastic way to stay connected, especially at a big event like CES, so you can share the latest and greatest information or sightings with others who are in your group at the event. And, if you create you groups at, you’ll also get timely updates about the exciting things happening in the Skype Lounge throughout the week at CES.

This is the one time when what happens in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas. So, if you aren’t coming to CES, you can still experience the moments by following us any one of these ways:

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