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Host Your Virtual Holiday Dinner with Help from Weiden+Kennedy and Skype

Leaving holiday traditions behind and stepping into the future, we loved hearing about a wonderful treat from advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy, which is hosting their second annual virtual holiday dinner. With the help of Skype video calls, Wieden + Kennedy lets you participate in a virtual holiday meal with humanoid robot dolls. Sounds like something out of the Jetsons!

According to Los Angeles Times, here’s how it works

You reserve 30 minutes of table time at and at the appointed time you and four friends or co-workers or family members, or strangers — all call into the dinner via Skype where your heads will appear on flat screens that sit on top the robot doll bodies. The company, known for its work with Nike, has employed facial tracking software so that if you turn your head at home, your virtual robot doll also turns his or her head. The room that the dolls are sitting in has been elaborately decorated to add to the holiday spirit.

Go to, and you can sign up and invite four other members to call into dinner via Skype. We encourage you to watch the video below, showing how the virtual holiday dinner works. Talk about innovative!

Virtual Holiday Dinner from on Vimeo.

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