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Skype 2.6 for Android hotfix – resolved issue with Android 2.1

We have today released a hotfix for Skype 2.6 for Android.

We recommend for everyone to upgrade their Skype to this newly released version. We would also like to thank everyone who has been giving to us feedback on the new Skype for Android and who helped us to find out these issues. Please continue to give us feedback on the newly released build on our Support Network.

The Skype 2.6 for Android hotfix addresses:

  • Skype was crashing on devices with Android 2.1 (Eclair)
  • Skype displayed a white screen when started from Recent applications list
  • Video capabilities were not updated when upgrading from previous version on some devices like Google Galaxy Nexus

  • The newly released build,, has also some known issues, please keep them in mind while using it:

    Devices affected Description Current solution
    All Fails to access Skype web site for “Buy credit” and “Buy Online number” Make sure that time and date on device is current.
    All On some occasions the chat messages may appear in wrong order None available.
    All Call drops when 2G/3G changes back to wifi: In case user has enabled Wi-Fi and 2G/3G connection and receives Skype call while on 2G/3G connection, call drops if device changes connection back to Wi-Fi None available
    All Call quality depends on the signal strength of Wi-Fi connection and the bandwidth of 3G connection In case call quality is not optimal, make sure you have good network connection
    All Video calling to the iPad 1 that is using the Skype for iPhone app is currently not working; the call automatically gets downgraded to an audio call. Use the Skype for iPad version application
    All During an ongoing call, it is not possible to change in call volume while proximity sensor is activated. Move phone away from head to deactivate proximity sensor, then change the call volume.
    All With very large accounts (600+ contacts) the performance of the application will not be optimal. None available.
    All You can only enable video if the device has a camera and it has ARM-v7 CPU. None available.
    All Privacy settings not synced from cloud. Being signed only into one device at a time will avoid the problem, but no solution available at the moment for this issue.
    All When a video call is put on hold, the Picture-in-Picture (Pip) does not disappear. On some deices it becomes full screen, and on other devices it appears in the upper left corner. None available.
    All Sharing very large files (over 1 GB in size) may stall the device. None available.
    All Making a video call to a non-video capable device (such as a thin-client) results in video call with a black screen. There is a toast message displayed. Turn off the camera to revert to an audio call.
    All Quickly rotating the phone 180 degrees in landscape mode does not rotate the Skype screen. Rotate the phone slowly so that it can detect the change.
    Devices running Cyanogen mod of Android Skype is unstable and randomly stops working, especially on sign in. Revert to a market version of Android.
    Eclair (Android 2.1) devices Files transferred in Skype are placed in a folder called “SkypeDownloads” on the SD card. The “SkypeDownloads” folder on the SD card should not be renamed.
    Froyo (Android 2.2) devices When answering a video call in portrait orientation, the Picture-In-picture (PiP) appears as a landscape view. Answer a video call in landscape orientation.
    HTC Desire – 2.2 Heavy audio quality degradations. None available.
    HTC Desire HD 2.2 Video stream shows noise after a min of streaming Upgrade to 2.3
    HTC Jetsteam No outgoing video. None available.
    HTC Sensation Changing camera (front/back) multiple times may crash Skype. None available.
    Motorola Milestone 2.0; Motorola Milestona 2.1 Motorola Milestonia XT720 2.1 In case user receives incoming GSM call during Skype call, it may happen that audio is not sent/received during GSM call. None available
    Plantronics 510 Bluetooth headset Audio does not go through headset. Use a different Bluetooth headset.
    Samsung Galaxy S – 2.2 Volume set at maximum during call Upgrade to 2.3
    Samsung Galaxy S + Transform & Intercept product family 2.1 Skype for Android is not able to login on the following devices with Android 2.1 and below: Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000
    Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize
    Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G
    Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant
    Samsung Galaxy S Captivate
    Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate
    Samsung Transform
    Samsung Intercept
    Upgrade to Android OS version 2.2
    Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 2.1; HTC Legend Connection is not seamless for these devices. When user has enabled both WiFi and 2G/3G connection, after a while, device switches to 2G/3G, but for other contacts, user appears to be offline as there really is no connection in the device None available
    Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 2.1; LG Aloha 2.1, HTX Wildfire; HTC Legend These phone models fulfill the criteria to be compatible with Skype 2.0. for Android. The application performance may not be optimal. None available
    Samsung Galaxy Tab – 2.2 No video on the Samsung Galaxy Tab by default, since the back camera doesn’t work properly. Upgrade to 2.3. The user can enable the video in Settings.
    Sony Ericsson Xperia mini Skype dies on first run. None available.
    Varied On some devices, radio music is not stopped automatically when Skype call comes in. Call can be received, but when answering the call, radio music is still played together with call audio. User has to stop radio manually
    Varied Outgoing camera rotated 90 or 180 degrees. Some devices have a “Rotate Camera” option in the camera menu, othervice none available.
    Vizio VTAB1008 Video rotated 90 degrees. None available.

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