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Call for Beta testers – Skype Click to Call for Mac

Edited on 20.12.2011.

We have got a good number of people signign up to be a beta testers for Skype Click to Call for Mac.

We have closed the collection of candidates.

We will be contacting the chosen people soon.

Thank you for showing out suchs a interest on our product.

Original message:

We’re in the process of developing Skype Click to Call functionality for Mac. This will enable Mac users to make calls with Skype directly from their browser. It’s free to call numbers with blue buttons – you’ll be given Skype Credit to call all other numbers.


We have reached a point where we would like to share Skype Click to Call with select participants to get early feedback.

As this is a closed beta, we will be asking all selected participants to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Skype.

We will also be offering active participants free Skype credit, and a memorable gift for taking part. In addition, a larger gift will be awarded to the top contributor.

To be part of the Skype Click to Call closed beta testing please fill out the following survey:

Link removed

We will be contacting selected participants via email over the next few days.

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