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What would you see if you video called the world this Christmas?

In years gone by, we got our facts about other Christmas cultures from encyclopedias and stories told by travelers. Today, we don’t just have to read or hear about them – we can see them using Skype video calls. Keep reading to discover what you’d see if you video called the world with Skype this Christmas.

Video call London, England … for a Dickens Christmas experience

London is beaming bright with Christmas lights at the moment. But while the city revels in the holiday season, it’s also gearing up for the 200th birthday of its most famous writer – Charles Dickens – in February next year.

Dickens’ Christmas Carol is a famous, well-loved tale across the world and this year, you can go on A Christmas Carol Walk through the city, starting at the Charles Dickens Museum. Ask a friend or relative in London to video call you while on the tour using Skype for iPhone or Skype for Android, so you don’t miss out on this unique London Christmas experience.

Video call Mumbai, India … for Indian sweets and nativity scenes

India isn’t a country most people usually associate with Christmas. But there are actually over 25 million Christians in India, and its biggest city Mumbai (which used to be called Bombay) is buzzing with celebrations over the holidays.

Instead of Christmas trees, many families place mangers in their windows and hang huge paper lanterns to mark the season – as you’ll see if you video call someone in India right now. It’s traditional to visit your relatives and neighbors too, so families often put out huge spreads of Indian sweets and snacks. It’s a world away from turkey and trimmings, but with the same message of love and goodwill.

Video call Kingston, Jamaica… for a Caribbean Christmas food bonanza

Jamaica isn’t all that far from Florida (it’s to the south of Cuba) but its Christmas food is completely different. Video call Jamaica on Christmas Day and you’ll see a range of traditional Caribbean dishes, including ackee and saltfish, fried plantains, breadfruit, oxtail stew and curried goat with rice and peas. If you’ve got friends or family in Jamaica, why not use video calls or cheap international Skype calls to share a Jamaican Christmas.

Video call Rio de Janeiro, Brazil… for Christmas on the beach

Rio is known the world over for its fantastic parties and, while things might be a little quieter during the holidays as Brazilians spend time with their families, there’s still a lot of fun to be had. Christmas Eve is the main occasion here, not Christmas Day. Most people celebrate with fireworks and a churrasco (barbecue) in their gardens or on the beach, since the weather is so hot.

With Skype, international calling is simple, whether you’re using Skype for mobile or Skype for iPad. So if you’ve got a friend who’ll be in Rio this Christmas, it’ll be pretty easy for them to call you while they’re celebrating the holidays on the beach.

Where would you like to video call this Christmas? Just let us know by leaving a comment below …

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