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Santa has gone digital!

It has been brought to our attention that Santa has gone digital. The newly tech-savvy jolly man has opted for a Skype video call instead of showing up at overflowing malls and making his followers wait for absurd amounts of time in line.

Some places have decided to charge a call fee per minute or per 10-minute limited conversations, but places like the Toronto Eaton Centre in Canada and Florida’s Sandestin Resort will be hosting the honorable jolly man over Skype … for FREE!

There are many benefits to ringing the man in the big red suit over Skype. One, the weather can sometimes cause the roads to become hazardous and congested, but this year there will be no need to hop in a vehicle if you’re going to call Santa over Skype. Two, in some odd cases, after anxiously waiting in line for hours on end, children suddenly become terrified of old St. Nick! Avoid the joy of wailing children and opt for a Skype video call instead. After all, you can hide behind a warm blanket from the comfort of your couch if you get too shy. Besides, who wants to leave their cozy homes to step into the cold anyway?

Santa’s all ready to go and waiting by his computer for calls with children from around the world. Enjoy this holiday season’s cheer!

3 thoughts on “Santa has gone digital!

  1. dalydose said 5 years ago

    I’m sad for all of my Windows Phone peeps, since we won’t be able to Skype Santa. Maybe someone will get word to him and we’ll get that capability for Christmas. Hmmmm….

  2. fr.classe1a said 5 years ago

    At what Skype Name?

  3. jordanowilson said 4 years ago

    wow that video was alsome i wonder what santas skype is hummmmm

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