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Add a little something extra to your Skype experience this holiday season

With the Holidays just around the corner, Skype’s App Directory provides more ways to connect with friends and families over Skype this holiday season.

VodBurner – Video Call Recorder


Is a loved one far away this holiday season? Bring them closer, give them a call on Skype, and record their reactions using VodBurner. With VodBurner, you can add pictures, music, captions and other videos into your recording and choose which side of the conversation you’d like to record. You can then share these via popular social media or record them to a DVD , so you can hold onto your holiday memories forever. Try it now!

For a limited time, the VodBurner team is offering $10 off the purchase price of the full program.


Instant Messaging.png

The days and weeks prior to the holidays are not only a busy time in the aisles of shopping malls, but also in the workplace. Any tool that can make life easier at work surely must be a good thing. InstantMeeting, from Plantronics, examines the meetings listed in your Microsoft Outlook calendar and extracts conference call details for you. It then reminds you that you are due to have a conference call and provides a 1-click button for you to connect to it via Skype. Are you trying to juggle meetings while traveling during the holidays? No problem. The application is also available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry, so you can use the phone’s dial pad to complete the call.



Want to record your kids unwrapping their Christmas gifts or lighting the menorah? Capture your family’s special holiday moments using Qik video on your iOS or Android device and instantly share it with your friends via social media or email.

Jumping on a plane or train to celebrate the holidays with long-distance loved ones? Need to call your hotel or your travel agent? With, simply copy the phone number and click the Skype icon direct from your popular browser or email program and you’ll be talking to the hotel or travel agent before you know it.

Check out all the latest apps in the App Directory now!

Want to become a developer? Visit Skype Developer for more information.

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