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Skype and Encourage American Teens to Help Grandparents Get "Wired"

It’s no wonder that social networking use among adults age 65 and older is increasing – with just a few clicks of a button on communications platforms, such as Skype and Facebook, or email, seniors can stay in touch easily with their loved ones, no matter where they are.

For this reason,, Skype and have teamed up on the “Grandparents Gone Wired” campaign that’s running the entire month of December. In order to make it easier for seniors to learn how to keep in touch with technology, the “Grandparents Gone Wired” campaign asks tech-savvy teens in the U.S. to share their technology know-how and help seniors get started on Facebook, Skype and Gmail. Timed with the holiday season, this nationwide campaign not only helps seniors get connected, but also provides teenagers with an opportunity to make an impact on people they care about. The campaign bridges generation gaps and enables conversations with loved ones through technology.

Teens can participate by signing up at In return for helping a senior get wired, volunteers are encouraged to report back on their experience on DoSomething’s micro-site and are then entered to win tech prizes, $500 college scholarships, as well a free membership to Benefits Club.

This holiday season, we hope our Skype users will encourage and help others to sign up at, so they too can have meaningful conversations via voice and video calls this holiday season.

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