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U.S. State Department Connects Families via Skype During "Diplomacy at Home for the Holidays" Event

In order to brighten the spirit of the holidays, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton hosts an annual “Diplomacy at Home for the Holidays” event honoring the service, dedication and sacrifice of U.S. government employees and their families who are separated for long periods of time due to assignments in hardship posts around the world. Understanding how important it is to stay connected to loved ones, this year, the Office of the Chief of Protocol turned to Skype to help bring these separated families together over the holiday season using new and innovative technologies.

At this year’s event, which is taking place later this afternoon, families will be able to celebrate and re-connect in a meaningful way with their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and other loved ones who are serving at US Embassies around the world via Skype. In addition, a Skype Group Video Call will also be set up so that personnel around the world can view a live stream of the program hosted by Secretary Clinton.

Skype feels privileged to be playing such an instrumental part in connecting these diplomatic families with their loved ones at this event. We’ll be attending the event and sharing photos and video from the event via @Skype on Twitter and in a gallery on our Facebook page. Perhaps we’ll even have the chance to talk with Secretary Clinton or Ambassador Marshall about the important role these diplomats are playing around the world? If we do, we’ll be sure to share it with you.

For more details, check out the U.S. State Department’s press release here.

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