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Spread holiday cheer with Say it with Skype

Here at Skype, we already helped you make birthdays more fun with the “Say it with Skype” app, first launched on Facebook and now available on Now we’re thrilled to help our community amp up the traditional holiday card.

Skype has teamed up with artists like Alice Cooper, Autumn in Disguise, Boyz II Men, The Chakras, The Cuban Brothers and Scala & Kolacny Brothers to help ring in the holidays with a new group video greeting card to send to your friends.

To send a more meaningful greeting to your family and friends, launch the Say it with Skype app, select the band, enter the recipient, and then personalize it with a fun and festive video. Those who dare can sing along with the band as they deliver their holiday carol.

Whether it’s Alice Cooper singing the classic “Merry Christmas,” Boyz II Men’s rendition of “Silent Night,” the Cuban Brothers’ comedic twist on “Deck the Halls,” Scala’s rendition of “Sun Kissed Snow,” or your very own vocal contributions, you can now remix the typical ‘happy holidays’ greeting courtesy of Say it with Skype.

Holiday Blog #2.png

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