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Say happy holidays with Skype and Autumn in Disguise

Excited to share that Autumn In Disguise will feature in the Say it with Skype happy holiday content lineup. The band brings creativity, to the festive group video greeting cards this holiday season. Sing along to Autumn in Disguise take on the festive song “We wish you a Merry Christmas”, your friends will be impressed.

The group of young, energetic Scots joined the music business at full force striding up and down the UK, and playing their zestful tunes at festivals all around, this time of year they will be delivering holiday greetings to people and families all around the world.

“Skype’s idea is great! We’ve had a great year and to be involved with something so cutting edge and exciting as Say it with Skype topped it all off with something to give back to our fans, friends and family,” said the guys.

autumn in disguise.jpg

For more information on the band visit their Facebook page and check out the release of their new mini album, ‘What Makes Life Better’.

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