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Say happy holidays with Skype and The Chakras

Say it with Skype has teamed up with the amazing band The Chakras to offer you a fun and innovative way to wish your friends and family a happy holidays. Join in with The Chakras on the new Say it with Skype app to create memorable holiday greeting card.

The Dublin born, London-based quintet of young men began their journey with a show supporting the English soloist, Ian Brown almost two years ago. Ian Brown gave the Irish chaps two enthusiastic thumbs up which marked the beginning of their musical success.

“Music and Skype have a connection, just like music, it’s a form of communication that brings people closer together. It’s amazing how you can be sitting there chatting to someone who is thousands of miles away,” said the young men, adding: “We are very happy to be part of the ‘Say it with Skype’ lineup!”


For more information, visit the band’s website

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