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Say happy holidays with Skype and Scala

Want to say Happy Holidays with Scala? With the new Say it with Skype app, now you can. Create a group video call greeting with Skype and Scala, then share it with family and friends online.

Scala’s music is a majestic concoction of masterpieces. They are most widely known for taking classic rock and indie songs and reinventing them as mournful hymns with beautiful, enigmatic effects with the help of the choir; a unique style all their own. Their re-working of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ used in the US trailer for ‘The Social Network’ shone a bright spotlight on them, leading to sell out venues all over the globe.

“I’ll be kissing my girlfriend under the mistletoe this year. I’ll also be using Skype to connect with my daughter, Rosa,” Scala told us, adding: “I love the holidays!”

We love putting smiles on faces, too. And, we couldn’t be happier to have Scala in our holiday lineup.


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Purchase the new Scala album on iTunes

Check out there upcoming performances:
Dec. 13: London HMV Forum
Dec. 18: Ingolstadt Saturn Arena
Dec. 20: Turino Teatro Regio

Jan. 2: Logrono Auditorium Riojaforum
Jan. 3: Zaragoza Sala Mozart Auditoria de Zaragoza
Jan. 4: San Sebastian Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
Jan. 5: Santander Palacio de Festivales
Jan. 6: Burgos Sala Hangar
Jan. 7: Kiwanis Tienen Hageland
Jan. 14: Dublin Olympia Theatre

Feb. 2: Gent Opera Gent Rotaryclub Deinze
Feb. 18: Nazareth CC Nova

Mar. 17: Lübeck Musik- und Kongreßhalle
Mar. 20: Korbach Stadthalle Korbach
Mar. 23: Lübbecke weitere Infos folgen
Mar. 24: Genk Limburghal
Mar. 25: Genk Limburghal

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