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Experience Christmas and the Holiday season around the world on Skype in the classroom

As preparations for the holiday season are well underway in many schools around the world, Skype in the classroom teachers and their students are keen to share and compare their local traditions.

For teachers and classrooms who want to show-and-tell their stories, songs, crafts and culture with schools worldwide, we’ve brought together some of the best seasonal projects for Christmas and the Holidays taking place on Skype in the classroom.

Children from Balatonbogla Primary School, Hungary participate in a monthly cultural exchange via Skype video. They are looking for students from all over the world to share their holiday traditions with.

It’s easy for teachers to take part in a range of projects and join our community of over 19,500 Skype in the classroom enthusiasts in time for the holidays.

Meanwhile, if you have any great holiday projects, stories, images or videos to share please tweet us using #SkypeClassroom. We’d love to hear about them. We hope to bring you more great seasonal projects in the New Year.

Happy Holidays!

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