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A friend of Skype is doing something pretty amazing

Mark Wood is embarking on a polar expedition, and is attempting to be the first person to walk solo to both the South and North Poles directly one after the other. It’s an enormous challenge that covers over 1,350 miles and will take over 100 days.


Mark’s aim is to raise interest and awareness about our planet and the risks of climate change, and hopefully inspire people to do something about it.

Mark is asking individuals to participate by following his journey online and by making a small pledge that doesn’t even require a monetary donation. Participants can participate very easily by going to his website, click on ‘make a pledge’, pick a category, choose an action and see the amount of CO2 saved by carrying out that particular action.

For example, I picked the food category (because I like food), and selected ‘eat seasonably’ which in turn can save an average of 54 Kg of CO2.

food chart.png

We like Mark and his cause rather a lot. Not only is he spreading environmental awareness, but he is also helping school children. During one of his past Everest expeditions, he delivered webcams to schools in Nepal and set them up with Skype so they can keep in touch with the rest of the world.

In short, Mark is a big fan of what we do, and we are a big fan of him. So much so, that we hope he’ll be a featured expert speaker in our Skype in the classroom program as he travels from the South Pole to the start the North Pole section of the expedition. Teachers will be able to request that he participates in lessons and will be able to bring him into classrooms to talk direct to students via Skype about climate change and the effect it’s having on our environment.

We hope you’ll join us and follow his progress in the coming months. Remember you can make a commitment to change by participating in a pledge that does not require any monetary donation. And if you like, you can follow Mark on Facebook, Twitter or his own blog.

Last but not least – if you want to see where Mark is right now, check out his journey which he started just a few days ago and where he is currently walking alone across the ice to the South Pole in 16 degrees below zero temperatures pulling a sledge with all his food supplies and a kayak.

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