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Say happy birthday with Skype and Kill The Young

Get together with Kill the Young and create an unforgettable group video greeting.

Like most of the bands in our Say it with Skype lineup, Kill the Young also finds Skype super handy while they’re away on tour: “Skype kept us in touch with home during our tour. We’re excited to make this year’s happy birthday cards unforgettable!”

Speaking of unforgettable, we don’t think fans will be overlooking this band any time soon. The three brothers from England have sold over 500,000 albums in Europe alone and have even tackled more than 150 tour dates.

Know of a birthday coming up? Surprise a friend with a group video greeting featuring you and Kill the Young. It’s easy. Just go to the Say it with Skype app and create your own greeting to share.

kill the young.jpg

For even more info like

And don’t forget to catch Kill The Young on their Thicker Than Water tour.
Concert dates:

L’Aghja, Nov 19
Ajjaccio, Corsica, France 20:00

Monto Water Rats, Nov 22
London, UK, 19:00

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