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Say happy birthday with Ash and Skype

Skype and Ash are joining together to make birthdays even better. The brand new Say it with Skype app let’s you join Ash in wishing a friend happy birthday — even sing along if you want!

We are really excited to have Ash as one of our bands on this app. After all, they did perform at the wrap party for The Phantom Menace.

And just like millions of people around the world, Ash uses Skype to keep in touch, too. “As a travelling band we all use Skype a lot to communicate with our management, each other and our families. It is a day-to-day utility for us. We’re happy to take part in wishing everyone around the world a happy birthday,” says the band.

And now you have a chance to join the band. Maybe even create a video greeting set to rival “Teenage Wildlife,” “Free All Angels,” “Meltdown” and “Everyone’s Happy Nowadays.”

Just create a group video greeting with Skype – you can find the app here. Then make a friend’s birthday awesome by posting your video greeting on Facebook or sending it via email. It’s sure to be a hit!


Just can’t get enough of Ash then visit

Don’t forget to check out Ash’s latest tracks and concerts.

Upcoming tour dates:

Dec 1 Project Brighton, United Kingdom
Dec 2 Oceana Plymouth, United Kingdom
Dec 3 The Garage London, United Kingdom

One thought on “Say happy birthday with Ash and Skype

  1. shehannf said 5 years ago

    Love the feature…:D

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