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Imogen says it with Skype

Send a little something different to friends this year. Create a group video greeting with the new Say it with Skype app. Your singing skills questionable don’t worry we have the amazing Imogen Heap to sing along with you!

Imogen Heap has been hypnotizing crowds with her unusual performances ever since she was 17. She’s even been known to wear a furry hat with six-inch leather horns at her shows. Let’s just say, Imogen Heap’s never been afraid of doing something different.

And she can’t wait to help us do the same, adding: “A friend of mine made me a picture book/sculpture birthday card thing and called it ‘Little Book of Heap’ with a mini Tim Burton-esque version of me. It was such a special and unique idea; it still sits on my piano at home. I can’t wait to sing happy birthday to Skype Facebook users and make this year’s birthday card different!”

So make birthdays a little different this year. Get together with Imogen Heap and create a group video greeting then share it with friends on Facebook or over email. We’re sure your friends will love it.

imogen (3 of 6).jpg

Imogen’s next gig is the Weekender Festival in Pune in India on 19th November –

Love Imogen’s uniqueness get more here at

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