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Skype Helps Cities Improve the Bottom Line

With few signs of improved economic recovery around the world, leaders in the United States and abroad are tackling the issues of potential debt crises and high unemployment. But these are not just problems facing nationally elected officials. City and local governments are also no strangers to these thorny economic issues. Municipal officials continue to face the difficult task of delivering essential services to their communities while facing increasingly unworkable budget shortfalls.

A couple times each year, locally elected officials from around the U.S. gather together to find and share solutions to some of the more vexing problems facing municipal governments, including improving civic engagement in times of financial constraints. At Skype, we have been working hard to educate public officials on how they can use Skype to increase and improve communications, transparency, and government accountability through the experience of Skype video calling.

As part of this public sector initiative, next week, Skype will be providing tutorials for the Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO), who are holding their annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona in conjunction with the National League of Cities Congress of Cities and Exposition. Our goal is that by the end of these discussions, these municipal officials will feel inspired by the wonderful stories about how they can use Skype for meaningful, face-to-face interaction. In addition, we hope that the DMO participants will think of useful new ways to use Skype every day to lower costs, improve efficiency, and deliver on the promise of enhancing and sustaining the quality of life in their cities and towns.

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