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The Periodic Table of Skype

Chemistry between people is great. It makes us feel happy and connected, and gets us talking and staying in touch.

And, because the chemistry involving Bunsen burners and test tubes is just as great, we’ve put together a periodic table of Skype features so you can experiment with new features to make calling your friends and family even easier.

You don’t have to be a mathematician to realize that people plus Skype calls equals a perfect formula for staying in touch.

And you don’t have to read a textbook before you make cheap online calls or international calls – even if you’re using Skype on your PC, mobile or TV. It’s really easy.

But we’d like to think there’s a real science to how we make Skype work for you. So we’ve put together a periodic table of Skype features that’ll help you get more out of your Skype enabled devices, technology and accessories.

There are more features than you could shake a stirring rod at – from free instant messaging and screen sharing to cheap WiFi and online calls – so make sure to have a quick look before you get talking.


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