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Famous faces we'd love to see on Skype

You know that game where you think-up which celebrities you’d love to have round your dinner table? Well, if you’re having them over for dinner, why not use Skype too? Read on and find out more about stars we’d love to video call.

Just like millions of regular people, celebrities use Skype to stay in touch with their friends and families using video calls and cheap international calls.

And there are certainly a few famous faces we’d like to swap words with, including …

Kate Middleton
We know Prince Charles uses Skype – as he gave video calling his royal seal of approval not too long ago. But we’d really love to chat with the newest member of the royal family – Kate Middleton (sorry – Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge). Not to mention Pippa, Prince Wills and Harry too.

Lady Gaga
She’s not scared of being different, so we’re sure Lady Gaga would definitely have something interesting to say. And we’d love to video call her just to see what outfit she’d wear.

Beyoncé said she uses Skype to keep in touch with her husband Jay-Z and her family while she’s away on tour. We’d love to video call her and hear her sing live, just for us.

Simon Cowell
He’s the man with real star power. So we’d really love to know if Simon thinks Skype has the X-factor.

JK Rowling
She’s a best-selling author, and her books are just magical. So it’s no surprise that we’d like to chat with JK Rowling – even if it’s just to find out more about ‘Pottermore.’ After all she might even be tempted to screen-share a copy of her latest manuscript.

Victoria Beckham
A successful songstress, mother and fashion designer – we think we’d have lots to learn from Victoria Beckham. And we’d love to have a peek at baby Harper Seven over a video call.

Mark Zuckerberg
The brains behind Facebook and the inspiration behind the film ‘The Social Network,’ we’re sure lots of people would want to friend-request and video call Mark Zuckerberg

Barack Obama
Anyone would feel privileged to have a direct line to the Oval office, so we would definitely like to video call the president, and see him do more Skype calls with his constituents.

Which celebrity would you love to chat with on Skype?

13 thoughts on “Famous faces we'd love to see on Skype

  1. callma1234 said 5 years ago

    Would have to be Lady Gaga

  2. mathbro31 said 5 years ago

    Danny Worsnop

  3. sarah_haley9698 said 5 years ago

    uhh…..justin beiber!!! lol jk…jk.

  4. stefke_96 said 5 years ago

    Definitely Lady Gaga!

  5. andreirlopes said 5 years ago

    I would love to chat with Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

  6. nelshill2 said 5 years ago


  7. geena.atwood said 5 years ago

    JUSTIN BIEBER (: hehe

  8. svnikethan said 5 years ago

    I want to chat with obama & marc…
    How it is possible?

  9. poramin087 said 5 years ago

    Ellen Degeneres!

  10. telefenixia said 5 years ago

    Roger Federer is my choice, on how to come back to his rightful No. 1 of the world

  11. dianitapin said 5 years ago

    Chris Martin Coldplay!!

  12. kwamekwame5 said 5 years ago

    I’d like to talk with Barack Obama and Carlos Slim Helu and Bill Gates.

  13. said 5 years ago

    I’d like to have a chat & talk with Gerard J. Butler.

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