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Fall Fun with Skype

Halloween is behind us and Thanksgiving is just weeks away, so right now many people are taking advantage of the last few weeks of fall and squeezing in fun outdoor activities before the cold strikes! No matter how you plan to spend your weekends this month, there are plenty of fun ways to take Skype along for the ride.

If you live in a city like me, getting away and taking a weekend trip to the countryside to relax and see the fall foliage is a treat. A great way to show your friends and family what the foliage looks like near you in real-time is with Skype for iPhone, Skype for iPad or Skype for Android. The apps are free and you can simply call mom, dad or your best friends to show them the local fall scenery through video call! Even more, using Qik Video Connect apps for Android and iPhone, you can leave video mail saying hello and showing off the changing tree leaves, even if your loved ones aren’t near their phone.

While on a fall adventure to the countryside, many visitors also love to go apple picking. If you’re planning a trip out with your friends this weekend, why not use Skype on your mobile phone to share the experience with others? With Skype for iPhone, iPad and Android, it’s easy to share your fall adventures with those friends and family that couldn’t make it.

How do you plan to bring Skype along with you this fall? Leave a comment and share with us.

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